Customize Your Own BioMed Handswitch


X-Ray Hand Switch: 1


Customize Your Own Bio-Med Handswitch
This universal hand switch can be configured to any x-ray mobile, portable, or x-ray generator machine type.
The DEL 5 has a durable two stage plunger switch and side button for collimator light. The machined DELRIN body is super strong and easy to hold. The bottom coil cord strain relief is flexible and offers added protection for our heavy duty coil cords.
Ready for you to install end connector
All DEL 5 series hand switches carry a one year warranty. Specially designed for BioMed departments to customize as needed.

Give us a call at 417-597-4702 for help customizing a handswitch for you.
Customizable Items Include:
  • Short or Long coil cords (*33 inch or 22 inch coiled. *16 and 12 foot stretched.)
  • Four or Six conductor coil cords.
  • Collimator lamp side push button switch. (6 conductor coil cord only).
All DEL 5 switches include the drilled hand switch holder bracket.
Wire color functions Below:
Six Conductor three button Del-5…..Wiring:
Orange-Yellow is collimator lamp push button.
White-Brown is Prep.
Black-Red is exposure push button.
Four Conductor two button Del-5…..Wiring:
Green=Prep Common
White= Prep
Black= Expose Common
Red= Expose
Manufacturer: inRayParts LLC
Manufacturer’s Product Number: DEL 5XX
Condition: New

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 3 in
Coil Cord Selection

6 Conductor 33 inch coiled with Collimator Lamp Button, 6 conductor 22 inch coiled with Collimator Lamp Button, 4 Conductor 33 inch coiled, 4 Conductor 22 inch coiled


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