We understand that your portable X-ray machine is the backbone of your business. We offer durable parts and fast delivery on every part we stock and sell in our online store. If you have any questions, our friendly team of experts is just a phone call away at 417-597-4702.

Who We Are

We sell and make replacement X-ray parts and electronic components for the medical services industry. Our replacement X-ray parts are designed to work with every model and manufacture category listed on this site. In many cases, our parts outperform the original equipment manufacturer parts for lesser money.

In addition to parts, we offer service repairs on Veterinary and Equine Portable X-Ray Units.

We also offer same-day shipment.



We offer the largest selection of replacement X-ray hand switches in the USA for portables, generators and mobile X-ray machines, in multiple brands.

Apart from all these, we also offer dental hand switches and veterinary portable hand and foot switches.

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